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About me

Throughout my career (> 25 years), I developed an in-depth & diverse skill set in people management gleaned from my experience in dynamic and complex organizations, in the life science sector and biomedical engineering sectors. 
After completing my studies in electrical and biomedical engineering, I began my professional career in the life science field in the public sector, changed to an owner managed company, holding various national and international leadership positions in sales, marketing and business units. During this time, I completed my MBA studies specializing in health care management at the “WU Wien”(Economics University of Vienna)”. In 2012, I moved to Berlin, Germany to assume an international marketing role with responsibility in the CENEMEA region. Afterwards, I joined the global leader for medical technology, services and solutions, holding various leadership positions. I also gained experience in a biotech start up. 

What drives me?

What drives me is the belief in successful collaboration through commitment, trust and serenity.

I am highly motivated to help people in healthcare organisations to succeed and to make relief tangible so that joyful everyday life becomes easier.

I consider trust to be the be-all and end-all of any counselling relationship and rely on authenticity and integrity to gain and maintain the trust of my clients. I believe that this trust is built through an open culture of communication, honesty and a genuine desire to help others succeed. I consciously take the time to understand my clients' needs and concerns and work with them to develop tailored solutions that meet their individual goals.

My motivation is based not only on trust but also on a deep sense of commitment to my clients. I know that every client is different and has their own needs, challenges and desires. Together, I am relentlessly committed to helping my clients achieve their goals.

I help my clients by approaching each task calmly and thoughtfully. Change is often difficult and can be perceived as stressful, and I strive to create a calm and supportive environment for my clients. Whether it is a complex organisational change or a challenging personal situation, I support my clients to manage the process with confidence and grace.

I believe that qualities such as commitment, trust and serenity are essential to the success of organisations and individuals, and I am passionate about bringing these qualities to every consultancy assignment.


Systemic Coaching

How do I work?

I work systemically, appreciatively, solution- and resource-oriented. This means that I consider the person as part of a system and also include the influences of the environment on the person. The focus is on appreciating the person and his or her abilities and strengths. I support you in defining your goals and finding suitable solutions together with you. In doing so, I use your resources and abilities to achieve sustainable and successful change.



We measurably improve the working atmosphere in companies in the health sector and sustainably reduce psychological stress at the workplace, sick days and employee turnover.

This significantly increases the level of employee satisfaction and lays the foundation for modern employer branding and successful recruiting.

HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

Coaching based on YOUR Lebensfeuer ® 

The Lebensfeuer® is a very clear and memorable representation of heart rate variability. Your heartbeat is measured over about 24 hours using a high-end technology measuring device and the structured analysis of the data leads to the HRV - representation. In a figurative sense you get the fire of life (Lebensfeuer®). The higher the flames, the more energy and reserves you have. Low flames indicate "burn-out" or other deficiencies. The measurement gives you a view into a mirror of your current state of health. 


Austrian contact to DS Health

We are your contact for medical prevention measures within the framework of BGM.

Workshops & Trainings

Leadership Training with horses as Co-Trainer

Unleash your full potential - training for people, with and without direct reports

In this learning journey (alternation of digital and presence) we focus together on those social, non-verbal and emotional skills that you will increasingly need in your function as a communicator of the future.  

Communication, collaboration and empathy need attention, trust, respect, authenticity and perception as their foundations. These skills, and the personal impact that goes with them, will continue to be crucial factors in any role in the future!

The presence workshop is implemented with horses as co-trainers!

Why with horses?
Through and with the horse as co-trainer, we will uncover blind spots in your individual, non-verbal behaviour in a wide variety of situations, reflect on them and work out transfer solutions for everyday professional life together.

If you would like to know more about the training, please do not hesitate to contact "".

What if you train your skills to be well prepared for challenges in a changing environment?

Unleash your full potential and experience real change in your life and career!

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